So I’m not inspired very easily

but when I am, I get insanely inspired. Tim Ferriss is one of those characters of inspiration; one of the reasons I like him so much is because he’s so prolific (e.g. here’s a 3-hour podcast he did with Joe Rogan). I’m the type that doesn’t do well with structured learning (e.g. exam #1 is on date A, essay #2 is due on date B, etc), something I’m aware I’m weak at — and something I’m in the process of fixing. I’m much more the take massive amounts of information, deconstruct it, paternalize it, and apply whatever patterns I find are important.

So the fact that Tim has a bunch of books + all these interviews + all these mini-documentaries helps me explore the thought processes of this particular person.

The fundamental reason I like him so much though is because we both have a similar unquenchable curiosity for absolutely everything — mastering mastering. One of the most important qualities I’ve learned from the little I’ve heard/read of/from him is his minimalistic approach; that is to say, the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of your results are results from 20% of your efforts.

Nothing short of inspiration. Not only because he’s remarkably intelligent and amazingly articulate, but because he’s also extraordinarily realistic to what he knows, what he doesn’t know, and what he knows he can’t know because he’s simply not an expert in some of his research fields.

Here’s a picture so that the link looks more appealing.


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