“I don’t judge”

Yes you do. Even if you, or I, don’t consciously decide to internalize how we view people, judgment transcends our humanity — it’s rooted in our primal, subconsciousness.

Especially if you’re a female. Historically, males were primary hunters for hundreds and thousands of years; males were responsible for killing and bringing home that deer so that his family/tribe could survive. Females, since they were responsible for protecting the offspring when males were out hunting, have developed almost a sixth-sense sort of instinct.

That’s why, for instance, “natural vision” differs between genders. Men are focal creatures; we can concentrate on what’s in front of us and view it with a crystal vision. Such focused vision assisted us in ensuring our prey (read: food) didn’t run away. It helped us hunt. It helped us survive. Nowadays, it’s pretty obvious when dudes are checking out chicks because… well, it’s difficult for us to see something if we don’t obviously turn our heads to look at something. That’s why women already know men are interested and we’re dumbfounded how women already knew..

it’s because women are naturally attuned, visually, to everything around them.

Fact: women can see 180-degrees (and even a little behind them).

This sort of prowess assisted females in detecting threats back in the old days; falls under the category of that “sixth sense” women have developed over centuries. If a female couldn’t detect threats (say, a hungry lion or an ill-intended stranger), then the likelihood that she (and her offspring) have survived would tremendously decline.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, were you even aware of such a thing before you read about it?

Of course not. Neither was I — but it’s rooted in our nervous system to have such awareness.

That’s what we guys do when we stare each other down — it’s because we feel threatened by that new stranger who entered the room. Obviously, it doesn’t make much sense in today’s world; you just come across as a dick when you try and mean-mug every single male you come across. Primally however, it makes perfect sense: ward off the potential threat via posturing so that you have a higher chance of survival down the road.

That’s why women are so attuned to that drunk slob of a guy approaching clumsily in a bar — and why they run away when he’s 20 feet away. Females, primally, are so attuned to potential threats that their senses have evolved to detect such things.

When a person walks into a room, we immediately judge. Subconsciously or not, we do. And that’s perfectly fine (and unavoidable); instead of pretending like we’re capable of perfect non-judgment (and if you think you are, get off your high horse), embrace that it’s human to judge. And proceed from there to rationalize (something our amygdala, our “primate” brain, isn’t capable of) that judgment isn’t relevant.


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